Thursday, October 29, 2015

UHD-TV test material; how I'm going to demo monitors

After all the monkeying around with the Canon monitors last week I decided I need a decent variety of clips to show off UHD displays to the best of their ability. For some reason customers are not satisfied with just seeing test signals?!
So - although I have the TG-100 for uncompressed 4k test signals (the Visualiser really shows all you need to know!) and I can show:
  • Resolution
  • Colour Space
  • Temporal performance
  • Dynamic Range
So, I went looking for some well shot UHD footage at the TV 4k raster of 3840x2160 (I know, all you DCI-snobs, "true" (sic) 4k is 4096x2160). The Harmonics site has some nice short uncompressed YUV-planar format videos; - But don't expect your laptop to be able to play these guys! At 12GBits-1 they are monsters and so for ease of use you may want to compress them down to a more manageable 500MBits-1 (or so) using GLYUVPlay which can be found at Henryk Richter's site. In video coding research, standalone implementation and testing of video codecs often involves the use of raw YUV streams. Since these streams can be parsed and generated by very simple means, raw YUV files are very common in video codec standardization and development. 

I have made the H.264 variants and you can find them on my Google Drive folder.

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