Tuesday, May 01, 2007


The processing key for all previous HD-DVD movies. This key, in combination with some other title-specific information, allows any HD-DVD movie to be decrypted. The 16 bytes were already on several websites (such as doom9.org) in February 2007, but when the number was posted to digg on March 30, 2007 it became the second most digged article ever. The article was then deleted, along with related articles. This attempt at censoring the number, along with letters sent from AACS LA to remove the number from other websites, lead to a massive spread of the number in Slashdot, digg, reddit and Youtube. The number is now on over 20,000 pages indexed by Google.

I had to join the fray!

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Kev King said...


Attempts to gag the blogosphere from publishing details of a DVD crack have led to a user revolt.

The row centred on a 'cease and desist' letter sent by the body that oversees the digital rights management technology on high-definition DVDs.

It requested that blogs and websites removed details of a software key that breaks the encryption on HD-DVDs.

The removal of the information from community news website Digg was a step too far for its fans.

As quickly as stories relating to the issue were removed, they were re-submitted in their thousands, in an act described by one user as a "21st Century revolt".

The site collapsed under the weight of the attack at one point.