Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Why don't people use the technical mains?

This is a picture from a facility that shall remain nameless! We did their technical infrastructure wiring a couple of years ago - fibre, mains, as well as data and video and audio. They ran out of cash and so wanted to do the internal cabling within the rooms themselves. So - on all the 16-amp C-form mains outlets (carrying the technical mains supply) I had the electrician leave a male cable-end connector in the Commando socket so it would be easy for them when they came to do the internal wiring. Imagine my surprise when I noticed that they hadn't bothered with the tech mains, preferring to use the domestic 'cooking' supply! So, I went for a walk around the place and guess what - the whole building has every edit suite and grading room running on domestic rather than tech! That's why people get hum bars....

Anyway, it's a perennial problem and I bang on about it often - see here, here, and here.

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Sime™ said...

Gee Phil... you'd love the CURRENT mentorn comms room... shall I go take a pic for your enjoyment?.. maybe a "before and after".. s