Saturday, May 19, 2007

Virgin Media, cable modems and bad tech support

I had my cable go down on Wednesday - it would stay up for half an hour after resetting the cable modem. So - a quick call to their tech support only to be told that it had to be my wireless router - hmm, I began to wish I hadn't blogged that Dilbert cartoon on 12th May! So - I tried another routers and even hooked the ethernet out of the router directly to a couple of computers. Of course when I called back the guy was on his break and I had to start the whole procedure with another person. Anyhow - today I had the tech support visit and the engineer showed me how bad the feed from the cabinet in the street was; -27dBuV - he said he'd normally expect to see -6dBuV! So - at the box end he discovered the port feeding my house was faulty and replaced it - nice signal level at the house. But, when he drove off the ping I was running fell over and the link was down again. I got straight back on the 'phone and this time got a representative who actually knew what he was talking about. When I told him the story and the half hour business he knew exactly what the problem was. A couple of days ago Virgin pushed out a firmware upgrade to the Scientific Atlanta cable modems and it corrupted the data rate sync settings so the buffer in the modem would over-run after n-minutes of use. See these screenshots if you're similarly troubled!

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Saul said...

Just think ... if the first person you spoke to had known the real cause of the problem you never would have got that dodgy signal fixed!