Monday, June 18, 2007

2nd o/p of MacPro display cards

We're exhibiting at Broadcast Live! and whilst setting up the equipment I had real difficulty getting a MacPro to feed a 23" cinema display - actually because it was a 7.5m DVI cable I'd stuck a DVI DA just before the monitor (Apple displays are very fussy about long cables - much more so than Dell/HP/Acer etc. - but hey, they're design classics darling so why conform to the standards?!) and would occasionally see a flash of the OS-X logon screen but v.unreliable. I knew the DA was OK having checked it on an HP8400 workstation and it wasn't until Graham reminded me of the problem I had at The Joint back in January (link in the title of this post) that I thought to try output two of the card - all good! It turns out the DVI DA doesn't return correct DDC data and so XFree86 (as implemented in OS-X) does funny things.

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