Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I own a BVW-75P!

Oasis Television are ripping out and starting again and sending a load of their old gear to the dealers and/or skip! They have generously donated me a BetaSP player/recorder - it's one of the ones I looked after during my tenure there (1994-99) and so is an old friend!
The BVW-75P was the first piece of broadcast equipment I got to know very well. During my time in post-production maintenance at the Beeb it ranked with the Questech Charisma and Quantel Paintbox as a device that I could do anything on - I changed more than a hundred head-drums whilst in VTR maintenance and really understood all the workings of it. At the time I promised myself that I'd have one eventually just as a souvenir of what TV engineering used to be. Stripping down and re-building the t-drawer arm assembly is good for the soul!
This one is actually an Ampex-badged one (CVR-75) but it has the more recent board-set; the TBC-12 timebase corrector and the DEC-45 composite decoder.
I am very happy!


Anonymous said...

How does that fit on the bike?

Phil Crawley said...

No - but there is a hallowed spot in the workshop for it!