Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Big goal-keeper hands!

We know that Apple like to play fast and loose with the facts when they advertise things - rememeber when the G5 launched as the first 64-bit desktop computer and the fastest computer in the world for under $10k! But I really chuckled when I saw the new iPhone page - they are using a model with much larger hands to imply the thing is smaller than it really is!
So, here's a question - what kind of trickery could make the battery seem to last longer than ninety minutes?!


Tim Burton said...

Picture of an iPhone in my hand and I'm fairly normal, well my hands are anyway!

Phil Crawley said...

Did the owner have it hacked and working on a UK network or were they roamin'?

I'm seeing a pal tomorrow who has one but (as yet) is just using it as an iPod!