Thursday, April 03, 2008

Got my laptop back and the Apple/Scientology connection.

I got a new 15" Macbook Pro (the gen-1 MacBook had served me well for a couple of years). After getting Leopard right the version of BootCamp that comes with 10.5 is superb - makes installing Windows a breeze. As promised a few weeks back I went back to XP and what a revelation. It seems like I've got my computer back. It's snappy - Explorer windows appear as you double-click and network copies feel like their going over a LAN rather than a modem. If you are still stuck in Vista-hell then 'upgrade' to XP and you'll see what I mean. I used no Vista-specific features and so there were no compelling reasons for me to stay with it.
In an attempt to keep this new machine looking nice I went to the Apple Store on Regent's Street to buy one of those second-skin covers. Got a nice red one but felt quite uncomfortable being in there - I imagine it's how you'd have felt at a Nazi Youth Rally - so long as you're on-topic they love you, but mention that you run Windows or Linux on your MacBook and......
I wonder how how many of the folks who hang out in the Apple Store are Scientologists - I think the degree of compliance is similair!

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