Friday, April 18, 2008

Memories of Lime Grove

I was recently supervising a job in White City and took a lunch-break to wander around the market and down to Lime Grove (the first studios I worked at when I joined the Beeb in the eighties). Of course it's all been redeveloped as housing but it was nice to see the fashion college and primary school across the road.

Martin Kempton's site is excellent and will easily kill an hour of work-time! See his pages on Television Centre.

The move of the VT department to stage 5 did not take place immediately. They had to wait for a new tape format to be established before equipping all the suites. This format was the D3 cassette. Developed by Panasonic, the BBC was its first major customer. A few suites were opened in 1991 and used for training but the big move to stage 5 happened in January 1992.

The BBC's post production department had been created in 1989 - combining film editing with VT editing and sound dubbing. This new department was, as its name suggests, more concerned with what happens to the programme after it has been made rather than during it. From 1991, the new D3 cassette enabled each of the studios to be equipped with its own machines which were (and are) operated by the studio resource manager.


Saul said...

Phil my good man ... you should have let me know! We could have met up.

Phil Crawley said...

I'm at Red Bee in the next couple of weeks doing colourimetry training - Coffee?

Anonymous said...

how disappointing is it that not only is BBC Post Production currently being sold off, but the BBC are even leaving TVC altogether...? no longer will stage 5 be the hub it was! or second floor post production, or the east tower childrens village.

perhaps more disappointing that there are few potential buyers of BBC Post Production - the new owner potentially having to take on all the pension schemes and re-equipping of the department.

who are you meeting at red bee mr crawley? what department are you providing the training for?

you anonymous co-worker of the "providings".