Wednesday, June 04, 2008

New bike

The Cycle to work scheme is a fantastic deal - you can buy a bike over a year and not pay any VAT and you even get your income tax back. The upshot is you can spank £500 on a bike that winds up costing you £20 a month out of your salary.
I've been riding to work since the early nineties when I left the Beeb and have gone through three bikes since then. In the past I'd bought Raleighs or latterly a Salcarno which aren't a patch on a Ridgeback. After a day I'm really enjoying this machine and although it doesn't look as groovy as a full-on mountain bike it is a joy to ride.
Picture on my Flickr feed


Rupert said...

'ere, so how come when I had a Ridgeback it was the Volvo of bikes? Now you have one of their fine creations do the lads in support rib you mercilessly? I think not!

Where did you get it? The Holloway Road?

Phil Crawley said...

I think I said Giant was the Volvo of bokes...... ;-)
No - they look on enviously!

I got it from Evans on rathbone Place (next door to Envy).