Thursday, June 19, 2008

Quartz routers still the best!

After a brief flirtation with Probel last year I am well and truly back with Quartz as my matrix of choice. I've just finished a little facility in Old Street where I put in a 32x32 HD-SDi & 16-port RS422 configuration and it took me forty-five minutes to programme it. With Probel you'd have to set aside a day (and then another day to debug your panel configurations!).
The most tedious thing about programming Probel configurations is that when you define a panel you have to say that VTR then button 1 then button 1 refers to VTR 11 - you can't just say this button is VTR and then here is the numeric pad - before you know it you have a programming tree that is many layers deep and you have to repeat it for every panel! At least with Quartz you can duplicate one panel to the next.

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