Thursday, June 26, 2008

Snakeoil salesmen target networking!

I would not have believed it unless I saw it with my own eyes! A five-hundred dollar cat5e cable - for audiophile application!
It has the obligatory signal direction markers - is that for the Tx or the Rx pair?! Like all non-DC electrical signals there are as many electrons going one way as the other!

Thanks Matt - you sick man!


Rupert said...


I think they follow you around!

hks1966 said...

I Know a guy who claims to have absolute perfect pitch hearing. This is one grade ABOVE perfect pitch hearing. His hearing is so good he can tell which way round a mains eight connector is on a domestic CD player! You would think that this would not be possible but he met one other person who found the exact some issue with this CD player too! Depending on which round the AC mains was plugged in affected the sound.

Phil Crawley said...

I call BS on that claim!
Remember 50hz mains has the current going in one direction as much as the other over time; there is no way there is any connection with the phase of the mains and the phase of the audio coming off the disk.
A blind test would show that the dude is fooling himself.